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Chika-ji Rohugi community tasks Kaduna Govt on provision of social amenities

by Juliana K. Tauna, Kaduna  

The district head of Chika-ji Rohugi community in Igabi local government of Kaduna state, Alhaji Lawal Tanimu, has urged the state government to assist them with basic amenities that could help to improve lives of women and children in the community.

According to Alhaji Tanimu, the provision of the social amenities would surely help in reducing health challenges most pregnant women face when going for anti-natal and other medical diagnosis from the village.

The district head made the call when a team of journalists visited him at the village, stressing that the community has been in existence for hundreds of years, and its only means of transportation of the people is by Tipper-trucks or motor-bikes, which they used for all their movements, adding that, “This is not healthy for pregnant women.”

He also noted that, “Majority of the residents in the community are Hausa-Fulani, Gwagyi, Adara and other minor tribes, and have been living in peace and harmony for years but great lack of social amenities presently.

“Farming, cattle breeding, fishing and sand extraction from the river is our main business by large number of the residents in the community, while women were into petite businesses to support the house.”

The traditional leader added that with the population increase, insecurity, bad road, lack of youths and women empowerment is becoming another big problem; hence, the need for state government to assist them to make life better for the residents.

He remarked that “It’s about 20 kilometers from the community to the major city of the state, but lack of good road discourages us from supplying food stuffs to the city.”

Mallam Idris Salihu Chika-ji, who is a resident of the community, also called on the state government to build a primary health care in the village, in order to ease the pain most pregnant women face, while going to hospital from the village to the city.

He said the roads were usually worse during raining season to the extent that some women have to abandon going for anti-natal and other medical check-ups.

“When the roads are bad during raining season, we usually put our pregnant women on our backs and take them to hospital.

“We also used to carry dead bodies of our loved ones that died from the city hospital to the village through the use of ‘Okada’ and tie the dead body with the person riding the bike.

“We need an hospital in this community to save lives of our women and children,” Salihu explained, while appealing to government to come to their rescue.

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