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Lockdown Not Relaxed; To Be Strictly Enforced – Kaduna Security Council

by Juliana K. Tauna, Kaduna

The Kaduna State Security Council has today, 21 May, 2020, reminded all residents of the state that the restriction of movement is relaxed only for Wednesday and Thursday of this week and not further date.

A statement signed by Mr. Samuel Aruwan, who is commissioner, Ministry of Internal Security and Home Affairs, said the security agencies are mandated to strictly enforce the extant Quarantine Orders on all other days. 

“Residents are urged to continue to comply with lockdown conditions, including the restriction of movement, the prohibition of any sort of congregational worship and the ban on any large gathering or social activity of any sort,” it added.

According to the statement, The Kaduna State Government has explained the public health considerations that have informed these measures and appealed to citizens to endure the sacrifices required to protect everyone from Covid-19. 

“As part of confidence-building measures to reassure residents and uphold law and order, security agencies will be undertaking enhanced patrols across the state. Measures against interstate travel will also be robustly enforced at the boundaries of the state.

“Security agencies will be professional in undertaking these public safety operations. Members of the public can report any instances of misconduct,” the statement further explained.

The Kaduna State Government in the statement appeals to all residents to continue to conduct themselves peacefully and to cooperate with the security agencies.

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