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Lockdown: Sheikh Yusuf urges Kaduna Govt to allow Muslims to observe Eid-El-Fitri prayers

by Juliana K. Tauna, Kaduna

Kaduna State Government has been called upon to reconsider its decision on the lockdown relaxation that replaces Saturday with Thursday this week with the view of availing Muslim brothers the opportunity of celebrating  the Eid-El-Fitr.

The advice was given by Sheikh Muhammad Yusuf Sambo Rigachikun, who is National Vice Chairman of the Majalisi of Ulamas of the Izalatul Bid’ah Wa’ikamatis Sunnah (JIBWIS) National Headquarters.

The Sheikh added that “The call was necessary in view of the fact that the Eid-El-Fitr celebration is expected to take place on Saturday, 30th of Ramadan,1441 AH, if the moon of Shawwal 1441 is cited on Friday, 29th of Ramadan, 1441 AH.”

He said he has written a special letter to Governor Nasir Ahmed El-Rufa’i and took the letter to his office personally by himself and copied to the Commissioner of Police in-charge of Kaduna State in that regard, and explained everything to him in details.

Sheikh Muhammad Yusuf Sambo Rigachikun noted that, “If the government can listen to the advice, it will allow the Muslims in the state to observe Friday and Eid-El-Fitri prayers on Saturday, like their Muslim brothers in other states of the northern part of the country, where their state governors have relaxed the lockdown just to allow them to perform both Juma’at and eid-el-fitri prayers, respectively.

He cited an example with some states like Jigawa, Bauchi, Gombe, Adamawa, Sokoto, Zamfara, Kano and Katsina, who according to him have all relaxed their lockdown, to allow their people to observe the Friday and Eid-el-fitri prayers. “Some even observed last Friday’s prayers,” he stated.

Sheikh Sambo said he is in full support of the Kaduna State Government’s efforts in protecting its citizens from being infected with the deadly disease, which he prayed that Allah SWA in his infinite mercy will see the country through and bring an end to this coronavirus pandemic that has ravaged the economy and lives of people in the entire world.

He added that in the last two months people in the state, especially the vulnerable have been locked down in their houses, not being allowed to go out as usual to open their shops and sell so that they can take care of their families. He wants the Kaduna State Government to look into all these things and reconsider its decision.

“The masses are not the ones that brought this coronavirus pandemic to this country but, they are the ones suffering now of its consequences; why?” he questioned, adding that, “Even the palliatives provided by the government are poorly shared among those in need because majority of them have not got it.”

The clergy, however, advised government to put more effort in tackling the insecurity issues in the country, especially in some northern states like Katsina, Zamfara, Borno, and Adamawa where just last week over 45 persons lost their lives in an attack.

“The same thing in Katsina State where bandits attacked some villages, killed innocent people and burnt their houses, including cattle wrestling and kidnapping, which occurred on daily basis. All these things are affecting masses on daily basis,” he lamented.

According to him, “The masses are law abiding citizens; they obey any decisions that government brings and, therefore, something should be done to make them happy, not to do anything that would affect their lives in a negative manner like what is happening now because of the coronavirus pandemic.”

Sambo again draw the attention of government that, denying worshipers of both Muslims to observe the five daily prayers and Friday prayers, and Christians to attend church services on Sundays, indicates that “they are touching God from a negative angle,” which he warned “is going to hurt us badly.”

Sheikh Yusuf Sambo Rigachikun said “Closing of worship places is not the best for this nation, because Mosques and Churches are the best places to pray for Allah’s forgiveness of our wrong doings, and also pray for the country so that Allah SWA can listen to us and wipe out this coronavirus pandemic and other obstacles affecting the development of the country.”

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