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Man steals handset, forgets foot-wears in Kaduna

by Achadu Gabriel, Kaduna

Funny as it may be, but painful, as occupants of Ungwan Boro community in Kaduna State waked up on a Sunday morning to the news of an Android handset theft, which occurred at a residence in Segma/Jaba Road in Kaduna.

Narrating the ugly trend to our correspondent, the victim’s husband and wife, who pleaded anonymity, wondered how the make thief successfully stole away the handset belonging to the husband and left behind a pair of foot-wears, later identified to be a lady’s sanders.

According to the husband and wife, they were both lying outside in front of their room, around 11pm/12am in a compound of about 14 tenants, when the thief suspected to be a man sneaked into their 2 rooms apartment.

While the wife suspected that the thief came in through the window, the husband differed, and believed that the thief penetrated through the only door into the room where they were both lying, outside, almost at the door step, even as a younger sister was also lying inside the room of the same house, sleeping in parlour.

“I was not really sleeping, because I heard the mosquito net wood door sound slightly opened and closed by the thief,” the wife said, arguing that the thief went into the room and left through the window, showing a burglary iron bent by him. 

But the husband insisted that the thief used the door into the room and removed his handset on-charge in parlor and passed through the window after stealing his phone. Both of them maintained stands and disagreed.

A compound neighbor, Dady Geoffrey, who expressed dismay over the incident, believed that the thief must have used “extraordinary means” to enhance success of his operation – to beat the residents to it – but even his claim was, however, disbelieved.

The incident, which left the husband in a big shock, made him to forget and not to even bother to report the matter to the nearest police station in Sabon Tasha, for record purpose, till date. This is coupled with the lockdown due to COVID-19 pandemic in the state.

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