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Fed Civil Service Cabal Recruits Youths To Blackmail Permsec – Group alleges

by Achadu Gabriel, Kaduna

Youths group, under the umbrella of ‘Northern Civil Society Groups and Unified Nigeria Youth Forum,’ have jointly raised alarm over blackmail and assassination of the character of the permanent secretary for Federal Ministry of Steel, Mines and Development, Mr. Edet Ankpan Sunday.

The group, in a statement in Kaduna on weekend said some cabal within federal civil service have recruited groups of young Nigerians with the sole aim of blackmailing the permanent secretary, Mr Sunday, of alleged forgery.

The statement jointly signed by leaders of the two organizations, Isah Abubakar and Comrade Abdulsalam Mohammed, stated that the cabal “is using ‘Coalition of Civil Society Groups for Justice’ to drag the reputable and personality of the permanent secretary into the mood.

While they condemned the action, the group argued that the permsec has earned for himself a recommendation of the public trust, for outstanding leadership quality, transparency and accountability.

“It has come to our notice on how some desperate cabal within the civil service of the federation recruited groups of young Nigerians for the sole aim of blackmailing and character assassination against their fellow colleagues within the system. This is absolutely unacceptable and degenerative of what youthhood should be about, all over the world. 

“Coalition of Civil Society Groups for Justice, participating in such act of dragging a reputable personality, who has earned himself recommendation of the public for outstanding leadership transparency and accountability, is highly condemnable.

“Mr Edet Ankpan Sunday, the permanent secretary, federal ministry of steel, mines development, is a man of honor with outstanding record, and cannot be part of forgery as alleged.

“We advise young Nigerians to desist from bringing people, who have contributed for the fundamental development of our Nation, down, as this will discourage citizens in giving their best for appropriate development of our institution,” the statement stressed.

The group, therefore, called on those recruited, to desist from such act, adding that “they no little or nothing about the truth, as their pay masters will only provide them with little information, which will be of favour to their own hidden and selfish agenda against someone, who is serving the nation in a selfless manner, with outstanding civil service records right from Akwa Ibom State where he started is carrier hitherto.

“Mr Edet’s academic credentials and experience is a threat to those agent of darkness, who want to be recognized within the service at any rate, and with the presence of people like him in the system, their normal deals and dreams cannot be actualized through the normal Nigerian way – which is corruption and favourism.

“Today, what we have in our civil service is nothing but merit principle; where you come from and your religion is now a thing of the past. These are some of the achievements of the current head of service of the federation, Mrs Folashade Esan.

“The civil service under the leadership of Mrs Folashade should not give room to such mischief, since their intentions is to occupy sensitive offices, even when they have no VALUE ADDED advantages over others.

“The sponsor of Coalition of Civil Society Groups for Justice must refrain from using young Nigerians to achieve their personal interest, which is against the state interest of development and economic growth. We understand that there might be misunderstandings between the sponsors, not until young innocent Nigeria youths are used for such purpose.”

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