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COVID-19: Lockdown brings families closer, reunites broken homes – Hajiya Ramatu

by Juliana K. Tauna, Kaduna

Ahead of World International Family Day celebration, a nongovernmental organization, NGO, ‘Foundation For the Protection of Women and Children,’ has observed that the recent outbreak of corona-virus lockdown has brought back many family reunion through dialogue.

President of the Foundation, Hajiya Ramatu Tijjani, noted that lockdown has enabled marital couples to settle their domestic problems and makes them team-up together to restore peace and happiness in their marital homes.

According to a research conducted by the Foundation, under the leadership of Hajiya Tijjani,  it clearly shows  that apart from increase in domestic violence ,there is also a good story to tell about the relationship of married couples teeming up together to help the family in the midst of the corona-virus pandemic.

She said the lockdown has helped many married couples settle their
differences and grievances (between husbands and wives) and returned missing peace back to their homes.

“The lockdown has managed to bring husbands and wives, not just physically, but also emotionally closer to strengthening their family relationships and how to be helping each other even after the corona-virus pandemic,” she noted.

According to her, against the sad backdrop of the corona-virus that is causing serious problems to all aspects of human beings, “the lockdown has contributed immensely towards returning back the missing peace to many homes due to lack of better understanding among couples.

“It is obviously clear that lockdown by both state and federal governments to curtail the spread of corona-virus has enabled parents to be discovering the pleasure of spending time with their wives and children at home, and even spend more time teaching their kids other domestic activities.

“During this lockdown, many family men were seen helping their wives cooking, washing, cleaning the house and assisting their wives doing some domestic jobs to make them happy.

“The lockdown brought joy and happiness to many married women because it makes them get closer to their men throughout the lock down,” she noted.

Tijjani, who is a peace ambassador and interfaith specialist in Nigeria, asserted that, “The lockdown has come with its fair share of advantages as it forces people to work on their differences and find a ‘middle ground’ so that they can live respectfully and amicably inside the same house without any trouble.”

She stressed that, “Families that mostly live apart are now finding grace in getting to spend ‘quality time’ with other members of the household. The lockdown has given us a chance to go back to the days when family time was the most important time of the day.”

She expressed fair that there will be many new born babies at the end of the year due to the lockdown order, which forces men to be with their women 24hours for series of weeks.

The NGO president, however, noted that, “The lockdown has led to the scarcity of condoms in most places of selling in the market,” and thanked Nigerian journalists for the humanitarian services they render during the lockdown.

She further appealed to media organizations, corporate organizations and
wealthy individuals to award journalists for the hazards they go through during the pandemic in terms of disseminating information about various protective on Covid 19.

Similarly, commissioner of human service and social development, Hajiya
Hafsat Baba, appreciated the way the lockdown helps families get closer to
each other, stressing that every family enjoyed peace and unity.

While also congratulating the whole families in the universe on world international family day, which is going to be celebrated today, the 15th of May, Baba also advised parents to always educate their kids on ways to shun drug abuse and other domestic violence.

It could be recalled that the world international family day is usually celebrated every 15th of May.

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