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Don’t Use Palliatives for Political Gains – Pastor Annger Urges Govts

by Juliana K. Tauna, Kaduna 

The Resident Pastor in-charge of NKST Church, also known as Universal Reformed Christian Church, Kaduna, Rev. Dr. Chris Annger, has cautioned governments at all levels to ensure that palliatives given to the less-privileged in the society are not used for political purposes.

He said, “We have been hearing of large quantities of food items government is giving to Nigerians, but some of us have not seen with our physical eyes neither has those intended have fully benefited from government’s efforts meant to cushion the suffering the less-privileged are going through in the society.”

Speaking in Kaduna on Saturday, while distributing food items to Church members and the host community, he said, “Since the lockdown, it has not been easy with most of the Church members that are mostly artisans. As a result, the Church met and decided that there was the need to reach out to members with food items.

“The first day, we gave them cash so that they could buy food items of their choice because we understood that ‘the Church can only be alive when the members are alive.’

“The only person that can take care of me is me. In other words, the only person that can take care of the Church is the Shepherd. So, instead of depending on governments at all levels, which most of us have heard but have not seen, we decided the little we can do to take care of ourselves, and so we raised money within ourselves to take care of the needy and outsiders.

“Having given the palliative, I am so excited, I feel so fulfilled. It has been my challenge to reach out to the community because it is the host community. I am so happy, I am so delighted. Now that most of them have benefited, I am so happy, that is my joy.”

He enjoined Nigerians to cooperate with government and health practitioners by adhering strictly to measures taken to curb the spread of the pandemic with a view to bring an end to the deadly disease that has befallen man.

A beneficiary, Mrs Nege Mercy, who is a member of the Church, said the distribution of the food items served as another opportunity for members to see each other after a long time, following the restriction of large gatherings that affected the Church to hold its normal services and other Church activities.

The clergy, however, thanked God Almighty for giving the Church leadership the wisdom to think of its members, particularly the less-privileged, while also appreciating the Church leadership for obeying God’s instruction to ‘do something for its members’ during the COVID-19 lockdown that has caused adverse effects on the lives of many in the Church.

She added, “I sincerely thank God Almighty and the leadership of the Church for organising something of this nature, which I strongly believe will go a long way to cushion the challenges many are going through in the area of feeding.

“I advised that other Churches and individuals should do same to assist others that are in dear need of what to cater for their families at this present time. Truly, many are not finding it easy to take care of their families.”

A passerby, Mrs Josephine Vincent, said, “I was just passing by near the Church when I saw the people and decided to go into the Church premises. To my greatest surprise, I was given the same quantity of food items that is being given to the members of the Church!

“I sincerely thank God Almighty and the Church leadership for this wonderful gift. It is indeed a surprise that, today, I never knew God was preparing something for me like this. I am indeed very grateful to God and the Church for what it has done for its members and outsiders, who were opportune to go into the Church premises.”

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