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Nigerian cure claimant mass-produces COVID-19 cure drugs

by Achadu Gabriel, Kaduna

Kaduna state-based scientist and Nigerian medical researcher, Professor Ayodele Israel Adeleye, on Friday said he has mass-produced the COVID-19 cure therapy discovered through research in his lab in Kaduna.

Prof Adeleye attributed the reasons for mass producing COVID-19 cure drugs on speed of spread of the virus, saying the therapy worked much faster because of the composition and ingredients used.

He also disclosed that a litre of the therapy (also available in liquid), could cure 300 people, if taken by patients with less tedious cases, while the injectables are used for full-blown and complicated cases.

Prof. Adeleye, who made these remarks in an interview, also promised to contribute his quota for volunteering to cure five coronavirus positive patients for free.

According to him, his research is so certain and assured that, if adopted, would unlock the current lockdown in Nigeria and world over due to COVID-19 pandemic.

Speaking further, he said that it takes between three to five days to cure the COVID-19 completely with his drugs. “If the world adopts my cure, the lockdown in the world will end,” he assured.

He however declined to reveal ingredients used for the cure, “Of course, people will like to protect their invention; so, I can’t tell you the composition,” he said. 

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