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Against COVID-19: Kaduna declares use of face masks compulsory for all

…Poor, vulnerable to get free one.

by Achadu Gabriel, Kaduna


Kaduna state governor, Mall. Nasir El-Rufai, has made the wearing of face masks compulsory for everybody in the state, beginning from 24th April, 2020, as preventive measures to stop the spread of COVID-19 pandemic. 

The governor made the declaration in a statement he personally issued and signed after recovering and being tested negative to COVID-19 infection and returned from self isolation.

El-Rufai stated that, “Let me conclude by informing the citizens of Kaduna State that I have issued another amendment to the Quarantine Regulations requiring everyone in the State to wear a face mask when going out of the home or workplace for any reason.”

He said the State Government is going to make these masks available free to the poor and vulnerable groups, and encourage everyone that can afford it to get their neighborhood tailor to sew cloth masks for their use. This will help protect them, their loved ones and everyone else from the spread of this disease.

Earlier, the governor expressed delight by the recovery of four other COVID-19 cases, which were discharged last week, which was followed with the discharge of a fifth patient on Tuesday. 

“On Monday, we received the sad news of three more positive cases in Kaduna State. They will receive the best care that our dedicated health professionals can muster, and we wish them speedy recovery from COVID-19. 

“We must all work hard to ensure that we keep COVID-19 out of Kaduna State. We have lower infection rates than expected due to stringent measures we imposed in our state, but we cannot let our guards down. We are in dangerous times. This disease is a threat to our humanity, our lives and livelihoods. As someone that has experienced it, I will not wish it on my worst enemy.

“We must reiterate that an infected person can show no symptoms as I did, for up to two weeks, while unknowingly infecting others close to him or even through casual contact.

“That is why mixing with many people is not a good idea. While four of every five infected persons show mild symptoms like headache, fever and cough and recover fully, there is evidence worldwide that older people and those with pre-existing health challenges like hypertension and diabetes are particularly at greater risk of dying, if they get the COVID-19 infection,” he stated. 

He therefore advised that “residents must do everything to avoid exposure and prevent the spread of this disease in their towns and villages, and must now make the sacrifices to enhance domestic hygiene, regular hand-washing with soap, staying at home and avoiding crowded areas to defeat this disease.”

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