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Christian Aid, Centre-LSD introduces conflicts sensitive journalism to Kaduna journalists 

Achadu Gabriel, Kaduna 

An NGO, ‘Christian Aid’ in collaboration with African Centre for Leadership, Strategy and Development (Centre-LSD), have organized a two-days’ Conflict Sensitive Journalism workshop in Kaduna and Benue states for prints, broadcast and social media reporters.

The workshop is aimed at enhancing the capacity of trainees to factor or identify conflict-sensitive, anti-hate speech and fake news report principles, respectively.

The training is also aimed at introducing trainees to violence prevention consciousness into the reporting of electoral processes in Kaduna and Benue states before, during and after the 2019 elections.

Discussions at the workshop held at Hotel Seventeen, on Monday in Kaduna were centered on areas of serious concern, titled ‘When the media did not get it right and getting it right.’

Presentation explored frameworks for fair and conflict-sensitive reporting of elections – using the Nigerian media code of conduct of election coverage.

Participating journalists were subjected discussions and group-work on identifying and discussing political/elections stories m/headlines that are non-conflict sensitive and could incite or capable of promoting violence, identifying and discussing political/election stories/headlines that are conflict sensitive and could douse tension or discourage violence, among others.

During the session, first day, handbooks – especially freedom of Information Act, 2011, Nigeria media code of election coverage reversed education 2018, reporting election campaign finances (an FOI manual for journalists) and reporting elections and accountability – were distributed freely to journalists participating in the training by organizers supported by Start Network.


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