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Kaduna: CAN, PDP demands convincing explanation of alleged 130 Kajuru killings

Achadu Gabriel, Kaduna 

CAN chairman in Kaduna state, Rev. Joseph Hayap, and the chairman People’s Democratic Party, PDP, Kaduna state, Mr. Felix Hassan Hyet, Thursday have demanded for a convincing explanation from Governor Nasir El-Rufai of Kaduna state and security agencies for the alleged killing of 130 people in Kajuru area within a week.

The duo, who spoke at different occasions in Kaduna on Thursday, expressed dismay that from reports of the local community, 11 deaths have escalated to 66 and 130 Fulanis killed and has gone higher by the peddlers.

Speaking to journalists in an interview, the CAN chairman explained that the rate at which the death toll is escalating, from 11 to 130, according Governor El-Rufai, may hit 300 in next one week, if care is not taken, describing it as “instigating.”

Also speaking during press briefing Thursday, the chairman of PDP Kaduna state, Mr Hyet, said “On Tuesday, 19th February, 2019, Governor El-Rufai was on Channels TV again informing the public that the death toll in Kajuru local government is now 130.

“What a tragedy. From reports of the local community of 11 dead people, it rose to 66, then 130. Only God knows the “next level” figure. But let it be known that the PDP feels the pains of even one dead person, not to talk of such high figures that keep escalating.

“In every local government, security operatives are very visible. For 130 people to be killed within a week calls for convincing explanation from the security agencies. The lives of the people of Kaduna state and Nigeria at large have become such a common commodity to be treated with levity. This is very unfortunate and a complete contradiction to the provision of our Constitution built on the foundation of ‘Security of Lives and Property of the People of Nigeria.’ Our heartfelt sympathy to the families of the deceased and the public in general.”

The PDP chairman, however, stated that “Now that Governor El-Rufai has vowed not to allow to rest, the threat and acts of insecurity threaten the February 23rd, 2019 National Elections in the state. We in the PDP stand solidly behind him and will help him resist any attempt from anybody and anywhere to postpone these elections. The people of Kaduna state are very anxious to cast their votes, come Saturday, February 23rd, 2019.

“We therefore call on the governor to sincerely pursue this noble intention and ensure the sanctity of this date in our dear state. We will keep monitoring developments and resist any action that will not be in the interest of the people of Kaduna state. Our actions at all times will be guided by the laws of our land.

“Information reaching us reveals that the APC government is using public resources to produce materials with PDP emblem. We stand for free and fair contest and condemn in very strong terms any attempt to rob our respected party in any act(s) of illegality. Both the INEC, the public and Election Observers (Local and International) to take note of this unpatriotic acts aimed at causing problems.

“On Kaduna state INEC Headquarters preparations, let me at this juncture inform the public that as of this afternoon, INEC has distributed election materials to all the twenty-three (23) Local Government Areas, out of which only three (3) have received complete materials, including Igabi, Kajuru and Ikara LG.

“We have, however, notified the electoral body officially. We will keep the public informed as INEC responses to our observations. We assure INEC of our support and call for complete openness in their activities to achieve a smooth and successful elections.

“Once more, I call for your support for the People’s Democratic Party (PDP) to usher-in a new lease of positive change, come Saturday, February 23rd, 2019. Be vigilant and peaceful before, during and after the elections.”

Rev. Hayap also appealed to military institutions and top military chiefs not to allow themselves to be dragged into agreed to what is not real by selfish political individuals.

He also said they are in talk with Fulanis, Hausa and Christian leaders, who confirmed to them of no such attack and number of deaths taking place among the three religious bodies in Kajuru.

Accordingly, he said they are doing everything humanly possible to ensure reconciliation of the all different tribes, religious bodies and groups, including the Fulanis, who are seriously supported.

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