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Elections postponement a big setback to economy – Hon. Dam

Christiana Gokyo, Jos

PLATEAU STATE – It has been observed that the postponement of the 2019 election in Nigeria has brought about negative effects, commercially and otherwise, and is a big setback to the country.

A member representing Riyom constituency-cum Majority Leader in the Plateau state House of Assembly, Hon. Daniel Dam, who is also candidate of the PDP for re-election to the House, disclosed this to Conscience Triumph newspaper in an interview, while reacting to the postponement of the general election of last Saturday, 16/2/2019, in his residence in Jos recently.

He appealed to Nigerians to still maintain that interest of coming out to vote, “because we should not just give up; try to come out again for the 23/2/2019, just in a week’s time, to come out and still make sure you deliver the person we want to vote. Come out emass and make sure that you do what is right, especially as Nigerians,” he urged.

“With what has happened, I begin to suspect a foul play somewhere, whether we like it or not. INEC – they say they are ‘independent;’ monies have been released by federal government.

“There must be suspicions somewhere, because already there has been issues arising from the suspicious ballot papers being seen somewhere, but we ask our people to be very vigilant and be very, very vigilant and see how those ballot papers will be brought to polling units.

“Because we cannot tolerate anything beyond people coming out to vote, because honestly, people are now weak, very weak; and it’s a serious issue,” he maintained.

Hon Dam feels that, “Next week, people may say ‘we will not go for the voting again,’ because many people have wasted there time; many may just go there and just be sleeping. I am just praying that people will still come out.

“The suspension was a big setback to us; it created a big problem for us, and was big setback economically,” Hon Dam noted, and observed that some people went to the extent of borrowing money to buy foodstuffs so as to keep at home to be able to eat during the period, but unfortunately the news came to everybody that election has been suspended, postponed rather.

“Honestly, it has really brought setback because, if you hear what INEC has been saying that they are prepared for so many months now, INEC has already released timetable and are always saying ‘we are prepared for election.’”

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