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Nigerian Drugs Law agency seizes 35tons hard drugs

Christiana Gokyo, Jos

About 35 tons of hard drugs meant for consumption by Boko Haram terrorists in the country’s Northeast have so far been seized by Nigerian Drugs Law officials.  The drugs – mainly tramadol – according to an official were intercepted in Jos, the capital of Plateau state during search operations on commercial vehicles heading Northeast from Onitsha city in the Southeast.

The 32 tons of drugs so far seized from such raids by the Jos office of the agency, said the Drugs Law official, who spearheaded the cache, simply wished to be identified as “Alex.”

One of the major suppliers of the drugs, according to him, is currently in security custody. Another suspect, who specialized in the production of “cough syrups” using codeine, was last year jailed after a three-year trial, said Alex, on Tuesday at a peace and security meeting summoned by the Plateau Peace Building Agency.

In his words, “The anti-drugs agency is intensifying surveillance on a number of flashpoints in Plateau state to prevent drugs-related violence during the country’s upcoming polls in February.”


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