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SDP candidate promises free education for disabled

Christiana Gokyo, Jos

JOS – A Social Democratic Party (SDP) candidate to represent constituency in the House of Representatives for Jos North, Bassa constituency, Vitalis A. Lanshima, has said, when given the mandate, he would revitalize and instill pride in our youths, invest in youth programs and provide free education for people with disabilities.

He also assured to deliver innovative health care, quality roads and advance infrastructural facilities, and would convey and sponsor interfaith path to peace forum that will work towards lasting peace.

He was speaking at a correspondent forum in Jos on Wednesday, while assuring that he would attract foreign investment to help plateau to harness its natural and agricultural resources.

Mr. Lanshima also promised to support businesses and entrepreneurs in Jos North and Bassa through workshops and mentorship, assuring the stimulating of economic development in Nigeria and work towards creating lasting peace in the country.

While assuring on the expansion of local entrepreneur’s protease globally through partnerships and investment, he asserted that, “We have failed to improve on our education in the country. There is the need to change the education structure of our schools; there are people dying with poverty but government is not taking care of them.

“We are talking about democracy. For 20 years now, Nigeria has no good roads and good education,” he said, and urged journalists to think of themselves and neighbours in their communities and investigate and report not only government activities.

According him, “Time of giving contracts to politicians is over, because they don’t have company, but will consider those people, who have companies.”


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