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Country’s challenges: Groups introduce leadership, anti-trafficking education for teenagers in Kaduna 

Achadu Gabriel, Kaduna 

Group of teenagers and young people of 14 and above have, under the umbrella of “The Egnite,” introduced a body aimed at acquainting themselves with the knowledge and role of leadership as a result of the country’s current challenges.

The sole aim of the youth group, comprising male and female, is to inculcate leadership education and knowledge into themselves in the midst of what they described as “multiple socio-political, economic, and security challenges and poverty.”

Organizers of The Egnite programme, who are mostly students of various higher educational institutions currently on strike, are founders of different non-governmental organizations, NGOs, including “Treelights Studios,” situated at Plot 44/45 Block B, in Shagari Low-cost, Barnawa, in Kaduna state.

According to them, the core essence of The Egnite programme is to educate young people on beginning their roles, so as to reduce trafficking and brain-drain among youths in the name of ‘greener pastures’ and ‘studies abroad’ or ‘scholarships.’

Speaking to journalists in an interview during the quarterly free event and social gathering, at Eagles Towers, Kaduna, on weekend, a director of The Egnite programme, Jedidian Adeiza Abraham, said their focus is to inculcate leadership knowledge into the teenagers and young people, the capacity to admit and tolerate criticism from one another when in position of leadership – and how to be part of the country’s governance.

“Our focus for the day will be on Leadership Efficiency and Effectiveness among youths and teenagers, for which we already have lined up two prominent speakers for the day, on what leadership is all about, and to be part of the governance on the country.

“Everybody, especially the youths, are saying if they have, they’ll run away from Nigeria because of numerous problems facing the country. And we’re saying if everybody runs away, who will fix country?

Also in an interview, a coordinator, Mohammed Abubakar, aka “Mali,” stated that, “The knowledge of the role of youth education is important and imperative. As leaders of tomorrow, power will not come to the youths on the platter of gold.

“Indeed, we’ve seen enough contributions to building sports and education where young people benefit most in the country to uplifting more of them.”

The keynote address speaker, Elisha Mamma, told journalists during interviews that “Philosophy that guides the lives of young people, and his paper ‘The Forces that can change your life’ as well true story of ascension from grace-to-grace as a young man, will do a lot justice in the lives of the participants when shared.”

He said as a privileged young man from nowhere to somewhere, today, he realized that even the country’s leadership did their best. “If you don’t do anything, your life will not change.”

Organizers, however, appealed for contributions, saying “We cannot run this event or the programme for the day without the financial support and assistance of sponsors, businesses and well-wishers.

“We hope you will consider making a generous donation to this noble cause, which will be a start in enabling and equipping our teenagers and youths of today with the tools, knowledge and skills for a brighter and greater tomorrow.

“As a show of appreciation for your donation, we will spread your business to all attendees, participants and those on our mailing/contacts listings, with your permission. We hope that we can count on your assistance in making this inaugural event one of many more,” they stated.

According to Abraham, membership of The Egnite were drawn from young people and teenagers through Facebook, Whatsapp and other social media, free-of-charge, in consideration of idle-mind situation Nigerian youths found themselves.


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