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3 Criminals Arrested By Plateau Police Command for Murder

Christiana Gokyo, Jos

Three persons have been arrested by the Plateau State Police Command in connection with the killing one Mr. Cefas Markus, 42 years old, father of two on Sunday night around Phototake Abattoir Junction.

Investigation revealed that, there was a misunderstanding about a week ago at a birthday party, between the Hausa and the Christian youths, who attended the party.

Speaking with the Mai Anguwa’s Ibrahim Lawal of the Hausa community in Dogon-Karfe, through his spokesman, Mohammed Ali Dakai, he said “What happened here yesterday started since last week when our boys here organized a birthday at Nanmwa Junction.

“When they are doing their birthday, they started fighting with the people in that area. They stabbed some of the children living here with the knife; so, we reported the case to the DPO at Angulu Jos Police Station, MTD. So, we gave him the names of these children; some of this children here that have been injured and their friends there that also been injured,” he noted.

According to him, the police assured them that they would take action when the children recover from the wounds they sustained.

“Surprisingly, on Sunday, we heard some of these victims involved saying that, they would go and take revenge. We learnt they went to Nanmwa Junction and start stabbing people; and they are from our community, our own children!

“They went to that place, when they came back then they start with our neighbours that we are been living together peaceful at this phototake area, and in the process the kill one of our neighbours,” he expressed sadness.

He further told Conscience Triumph that, he cannot actually know his name because he is living at that area, across, that is phototake.

Mallam Dakai said they informed the police immediately when the incident happened. “The DPO was around and the Sector Commander they are all there, and they took the corps to the Plateau State Specialist Hospital Mortuary.

“We told them that, we know this children that did it and must be brought to book. If they come to arrest them, we will actually assist them in identifying them,” he assured.

He also revealed that, “We arrested 3 them and handed over to the Sector-four Commander. Some of them have run away and we have assured the Sector Commander that we are going to work with them to arrest the other people because we know them.

“We know their parents and we even called their parents to Mai Anguwa’s house and told them to bring their children or else we are going to arrest them to replace their children. Those that have been arrested are now with the STF Sector-four Headquarters Jos,” he said.

The spokesman said “Now, we know that this neighborhood is very tight; having a problem like this would affect both sides, either a Muslim or Christian. Before now, nothing like that; we have been doing joint peace meeting between the two communities in the neighborhood.”

He explained further that, “We have been living peacefully. We are neighbours, even the chief comes here. We were together with him throughout last night and even this morning.

“When we arrested the boys, I called him and said these are the boys, and their gang-leader his name is Ali Gajere. We arrested the gang-leader,” he said. 

Muhammad Ali Dalai said, “Even if he is the only one arrested we are okay, because he is going to produce other members, and when we took them to the STF Headquarters, they gave the names of their fellow friends in their community that they committed that crime together.

According to him, “the youth leader in the area said he knows them – those youths, who are causing problem in that community. They went with the STF people to go and arrest them.”

When contacted with the family of the late Cefas Markus, the wife, Mrs Linda Cefas, told our correspondent that they were sleeping when they heard people calling them to come out, saying, “this Hausa community has enter our community.” “After we came out, we run and hide. The men went out to the main road, at about 10 pm, I didn’t know what happened at the main road, I was not there.

“Later, I was told that my husband has been killed, because he was among the people that went to the main road; and later the security arrived and took the corpse to the Plateau Specialist Hospital Mortuary,” she said.

She said her husband is 42 years old, father of two – a boy is 13 years, while the girl is 7 years old; he hails from Pankshin local government of Plateau state.


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