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Contemporary security threats: NDA training curriculum under review – Army

Achadu Gabriel, Kaduna 

The training curriculum of Nigeria Defence Academy, NDA, is being reviewed to address contemporary challenges in response to the changing nature of the contemporary security threats, Air Vice Marshall A.A. Zannah (rtd) has revealed.

Zannah made the disclosure in a speech as a special guest of honor to mark the end of the year, 2018, of the Nigeria Defence Academy Social Activities, NDASA, otherwise known as WASA.

According to him, the review would ensure that the product of the academy would continue to provide sound leadership to the country’s gallant soldiers in the arduous task of securing Nigeria, especially in the on-going military operations across the country.

He said the history of WASA or NDASA is traced back to the days of West Africa Frontier Force, WAFF, of the colonial era, saying the forum was created for British colonial officers, soldiers and their families gathered together to dine, wine, share jokes and entertain themselves with different African cultural dances, which was inherited by Nigerian Army as a tradition now observed by all arms of the service, especially to mark the end of the year.

Zannah said NDASA is appropriate juncture to pay respect to fallen heroes, “who paid the Supreme Price in defending our fatherland.”

Earlier, the NDA commandant, Maj-Gen. A. Oyebade, said the social activity was introduced for army, soldiers and their families to showcase the diverse rich cultural heritage of Nigeria to serve as relieve from the military work over the years.

He said even though they recognized there are challenges, the need to socialize with families, friends and host communities cannot be overemphasized for army, because of the operations, which take away from the families often time.

Oyebade said they must remember the widows and children of their death officers in the cost of serving their country and appreciate their support and endurance.

During the celebration at NDA Parade at its Afaka new site, about 8 cultural performances were displayed, while some army, soldiers and men were honored with award for their exemplary contributions and performance to their work over the years.

Personalities from across the country gathered at the colorful cultural display, which highlighted Yoruba, Tiv, Ibo Hausa Fulani and other cultural troupes, at its permanent site in Mado, Kaduna.



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