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Toll-free hotlines projected for 2019 elections

Christiana Gokyo, Jos

Toll-free hotlines would be set for citizens of Nigeria during the forthcoming general elections to call and report any incident in specific polling units.

Police Service Commission’s commissioner representing Human Rights in the North Central, Barr. Bommie Mom, said they have invested so much in this democracy and election, which is the soul of democracy.

He stated that, “Senior officers would get down to the men in the field. What we would be doing to enhance the professionalism of the Police officers is to see that we monitor police conducts during the election

“We will be sending down monitoring teams in all the states of the federation, including the FCT, and we will sit down with the police officers and see how this thing would be done in the manner that the voters would be treated as kings. Those, who are out to cause problems, will be quickly apprehended,” he disclosed.

He cautioned the Police Officers to be of good conduct during the forthcoming general elections, as the Commission would not hesitate to sanction any officer caught in any unprofessional conduct during the elections.

The commissioner also tasked them to see voters during the elections as kings but would sanction anyone who is out to cause any breach of peace during the exercise.

According to him, the mistakes witnessed in Osun, Ekiti and other states where election and bye-elections were held, and this would not be repeated.

He said, “You cast your mind back; we had an election, which the beneficiary of that election, the late President Yar’adua, stated that the process that brought him on board was not entirely fair. Who did we blame?

“We had an election about four years ago that was so clean, so to speak, that it dislodged a sitting President; the Police took the glory.

“We did monitor Police conduct in Osun and Ekiti and others. We are seeing that those lessons we learnt are brought in to correct the mistakes in 2019 general elections. We want Nigerians to know that the Police Service Commission would be monitoring police conducts during the elections. What will be different this time is that, in every state, we will set up a small monitoring team that will resolve as soon as possible any reports from citizens,” he stated.

Earlier, the State Commissioner of Police, CP Austin Agbonlahor, commended the Commission for the sensitization, saying, “We appreciate your continuously addressing Police officers of what is expected of them. We assure you of a good conduct from Plateau as the relative peace being restored. We would not be compromised. We are ready and willing to take the lecture seriously.


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