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2019: Thousands Kaduna Retirees mobilise against el-Rufai 

Demand 15 months’ payment of retirement benefits 

By Achadu Gabriel, Kaduna 

The 36,000 workers compulsorily retired from the 23 local government areas of Kaduna state under Governor Nasir El-Rufai-led administration in November 2017, have urged the people of the state to work strongly against the governor and his re-election bid.

The aggrieved workers have appealed to electorates to comply with President Mohammadu Buhari’s directive to vote out any governor, who refuses to pay workers and retirees their entitlement in these general elections.

Addressing pressmen at a rally at the premises of the Nigeria Labour Congress, NLC, Kaduna State, on the 16th January, 2016, secretary of the Retirees, Comrade Umar Jafar, said they were at NLC to notify the general public of the evil the present government has meted out on them and to mobilise the public against the All Progressives Congress, APC, party and Governor Nasir El-Rufai.

Comrade Jafar said they came to the NLC to protest the noncompliance of Kaduna State to pay their entitlements after 15 months of compulsory retirement, adding that under normal circumstance, “As it applies with civil service rule, if a staff is retired – whether voluntarily or compulsorily – he should be paid his gratuity and, there and then enroll for his pension.

“We are not against the retirement but what we are protesting now is the state government noncompliance with the rules of disengagement, even though there were series of complaints from here and there. However, President Mohammadu Buhari recently told the whole world that any governor that did not comply in paying staff and pension entitlements shall be voted out of government in this election.

“We are here today to tell the good people of Kaduna State to come out en masse to vote anything that is associated with Mallam Nasir El-Rufai out of office, come 16th February and 2nd March 2019, having refused to obey President Mohammadu Buhari’s orders.

“Buhari directed all the governors to pay workers and retirees their entitlements with the huge amount of money from the Paris Club funds that has been given to state governments,” he said

According Comrade Jafar, Kaduna state is one of the states that have collected the highest amount of money from the Paris Club funds, and not a penny has been paid to them.

He said the governor’s action has put the 36,000 retirees from the 23 local government areas in the state since November, 2017, without a kobo in a very terrible situation.

“The governor has been going on-line, telling the general public that he has settled us. If he has paid us, why should we come out to protest? I was a staff of the local government with Staff No: PSN/KDN0250, and I am telling you people that none of us has been paid, and that is why we are here.

“Yes, we have made several efforts to meet with the people concerned in the government, including the governor himself, but he has been telling lies that he has paid us, and that anybody that did not receive his payment is having a BVN problem; but that is all lies, nobody has been paid.

“What we want now is for Kaduna people to comply with President Buhari’s directives – and that is to vote Nasir El-Rufai out of office. Presently, he has started going from door-to-door to persuade and deceive the people to vote him so he can finish them.  El-Rufai is the most deceitful governor in Nigeria. He is about to deceive the people again, and he must be stopped,” they added.



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