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“2019 Election Is between Life And Death For Southern Kaduna” – Apostle Kure

Achadu Gabriel, Kaduna

The founder of Throneroom (Trust) Ministry, Apostle Emmanuel Nuhu Kure, has said that the 2019 general elections is going to be between life and death and its outcomes will decide the future of Southern Kaduna.

The Apostle stated this during the 18th Southern Kaduna National Prayer Summit with a theme: “Arise, It’s A New Day,” which was held on Saturday at the New Township Stadium, Kafanchan.

An online the reported that “Southern Kaduna must unite and speak with one voice,” Kure said, “We are the only minority in the country that when it comes to voting for our destiny, we do it in block, and the world knows that.” he said.

He said, “We’re believing, God that, at the coming election, as a people, we shall decide the future and the destiny of our children. However, Apostle Kure further urged people of the region to go into the 2019 general elections with questions in their hearts, “We must ask ourselves if the current administration has treated us well; and if it didn’t, then, we must unite and vote them out.”

He reminded the electorates that the power they have is their votes, “We must go and look for our voter’s card, clean them and go look for our people in the cities that have registered to come home and vote for candidates that will promote our collective interest.

“I was asked by a governor, who didn’t understand how Southern Kaduna operates. I told him that, amongst all the minorities in Northern part of Nigeria, we’re the only ones when it comes to voting physically, we do it together with all our hearts, and the whole world knows us for that.

“We’ll vote for our future and our destiny together. Together we’ll survive and stand together and the Gate of Hell will not prevail over his people. The question I want us to ask ourselves now, is to ask the present Kaduna State government what it has done for us in the past 3 years. It’s time for you to open and check the records – how much does it develop us? What change has it brought to our land? If it has brought us good, please, go there and vote them back; but, if it has not brought us any good, go there and vote them out.

“I want to ask us Southern Kaduna, has this government blessed us enough for us to vote them, to come back? If not, what is the solution?,” Kure asked the congregation.

He urged the people to go and dust and iron their voters’ cards, prepare for the general polls to vote massively and ensure they bring a solution that will salvage our land.

“Go and look for your children in the cities that registered here at home. Command them to come back home; they must be here during the elections and participate in the elections.


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