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2019: Election Violence: NGO to host journalists in Kaduna on prevention

Achadu Gabriel, Kaduna 

Worried over incessant violent conflicts that more often than not trail elections, an NGO, “Center for Media Advocacy for Mother and Child, CAMAC,” will on Tuesday 15th January, host journalists in Kaduna to a round-table dialogue on the effects of election violence on women and children.

In a letter signed by its Executive Director, Alex Uangbaoje, and addressed to various media organizations in the state, the media NGO, focused on promoting and advocating for every necessity that would help the survival of children and women in Nigeria, especially in areas of Health, Education, Rights, Protection & Development, noted that elections in Nigeria is known to be very tough and violent, which has led to numbers of deaths.

According to him, as the nation prepares for another round of general elections, CAMAC is organising a 1-Day Dialogue with Journalists in Kaduna to discuss and provide solutions that can help government and the public in tracking any issue that may result to violence in the upcoming general elections.

“Research has shown that women and children are the mostly affected group in any violence; therefore, the dialogue will be focused on how women and children will be protected before, during and after the elections.”

The theme of the event is “Protecting the Interest of Women and Children Against Election Violence.” The lead paper presenter is Mrs. Talatu Zamani-Henry, who is founder of Zamani Foundation.

“The presentation will be looking at previous election violence in Nigeria, particularly Kaduna State, and its effects on women and children, to enable participants provide solutions that may prevent violence in the upcoming general elections,” he added.


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