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Youth and Sports Minister hails Tarok Nation at Cultural Festival 2018

Christiana Tokyo, Jos

The Minister for Youth and Sports Development, Barr. Solomon Dalung, has observed that Tarok peoples have sacrificed much for the unity of Nigeria as a Nation and so deserved privilege to hold highest position.

The Minister was speaking at the 2018 Edition of Tarok Cultural Carnival, organized by ‘NTIM OTAROK CULTURAL ASSOCIATION.’ The celebration, which took place at Mabudi Pilot Primary School, Langtang South local government area of Plateau state, attracted over 30,000 people across the state and beyond.

Barrister Dalung, who is founder of the ‘NTIM OTAROK CULTURAL ASSOCIATION’ and Chief Host of the 2018 Edition, called on Tarok People to be more united in promoting peaceful coexistence among ethnicities in Nigeria.

Cultural diversity for dialogue and development is annually held on December to help people learn about the importance of cultural diversity and harmony in peace building.

The Tarok Cultural Carnival is a yearly programme organized by NOCA during Christmas season, which occurs after Christmas.

Conscience Triumph gathered that, the Carnival typically involves public celebrations, including events such as parades, public street match with all the cultural troupes and other entertainments, as well as elaborate costumes and masks, among Cultural Groups.

It was a huge success as over 47 cultural troupes came and displayed their cultural exhibitions. The experience has heightened sense of social unity, social harmony, mutual tolerance among Tarok people and the neighbouring ethnicity.

Participants of Tarok Cultural Carnival often indulge in excessive consumption of alcohol (Nche) meat, and other foods that will be forgone during the carnival.

Other  features of Tarok Cultural carnival include mock battles (Gyang People’s) demostrating how Tarok people can defence their Communities during war.

Also, there we’re Cultural Groups of women (Nzem Isur), who sang with expressions of social satire, promotion and mockery of authorities, costumes of the grotesque body that display exaggerated features such as large noses, bellies, mouths, phalli, or elements of animal bodies; abusive language and degrading acts; depictions of disease and gleeful death; and a general reversal of everyday rules and norms of Tarok people.

The cultural troupes, who made it to 2018 Carnival, included, Nzem Icir Ayalir Mabudi, Ogyang Ngagaa Fulyanlang, Ozinini Nzem Izur, Adudu Zhimmakwi, Nzem Icir Nancwat Zhimmakwi, Catch them Young Wase Group, Osoroye (Modern Masquerade from Lashell, Nzem Isur Sabongida, Nzem Abwaa Nanlir Langtang North, Nzem, Abwaa Nandang Langtang North, Asoroye Kamjul, Asoroye Fachang, Ngas Cultural Troupe Timbol, Goemai Cultural Troupe Shendam, Adudu Ayal Bwarai, Asoroye Miangwang, Adudu Miangwang, Colograph Group, Miangwang, Izur Kannanan, and Nanphak Group Simcur Bwarai.

Others included, Women Awake Sabongida, Nzem Icir Sabongida group, Soroye Koko, Soroye Sabongida, Adudu Wase Tofo, Nzem Isur Timfim, Icir Talgwang, Nzem Icir Zinni, Sarman Group Kamkun, Nzem Igangang Timbol, Nzem Izur Jwakbal, Masquerade from Takbol, Masquerade from Sabongida, Adudu Kayarda, Adudu Gangnim, Adudu Fachang, NzemA Icir Talgwang, Abwaa Nanzing Mabudi, Asoroye Lamdul, Nanpak Group Lohmak, Ntim Man Group Sabongida, Ntimzing Women Group, android  Asoroye Poko.

The minister lamented that, their people have fought First and Second World Wars in defense of Nigeria, but yet, nobody has remembered them except “President Buhari.”

According to him, Tarok people have been deprived opportunities to be Secretary to State Government, Chief of Staff, Ambassadors, Representatives in the United Nations except General Joseph Garba, who served as the 44th President.

Barr Dalung noted that, “Our people, particularly Langtang South, were denied opportunity to be elected as House of Representative, Senator, and Governors, but yet we are the highest producers in agricultural products in Plateau state.”

Also speaking, chairman of the 2018 Cultural Carnival, Mr. Nanven Nimfyel, also called on Tarok people to join hands together for the progress of Tarok Nation. And in his remarks, His Royal Highness, Chief Lot Nden, called on Tarok people to “love one another.”


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