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APC Gombe Debunks Vote-Rigging Rumour

Christiana Gokyo, Jos

Gombe State chapter of the All Progressive Congress (APC) party has debunked claims by the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) over plans by the ruling party to rig the forthcoming 2019 election in its favour through the use of INEC and Police.

Reacting to PDP’s allegation during its Northeast Rally in Gombe, APC’s State Publicity Secretary, Naomi Joel Awak, said, “When it comes to election rigging,
the PDP should hide itself in shame.”

National Chairman of PDP, Uche Secondus, and the party’s Presidential flag-bearer, Atiku Abubakar, had on Tuesday called on Nigerians to be ready to defend their votes against intimidation by the Police and INEC in favour of the ruling APC party during the 2019 elections.

Naomi Awak, who issued a statement to journalists in Gombe, Wednesday evening, said, “APC are not riggers of election; Nigerians know the PDP as experts in rigging elections. APC won election in 2015 without influencing INEC, Police or any other government agency to intimidate electorates.”

According to her, Nigerians, especially Gombe people, are not happy with the PDP, which was the reason why despite sharing N1000 each to Gombe people, the people
still refused to turn up at the Pantami Stadium rally.

She said the pictorials projected by some media outlets, including the PDP social media agents, did not capture the reality of what really happened in the Stadium.

The state publicity secretary noted that “This is supposed to be a zonal rally for six states in the northeast at less than ten thousand capacity stadium. Except the popular side and those that hovered around the podium, the stadium was virtually empty. Why didn’t they capture the empty space on the pitch and the larger popular sides?

“Gombe State is known as an APC state and, even if Gombe people will not come, those from other states should have filled the stadium. PDP is not just popular in Gombe State and the Northeast in general.

She said the APC has good agenda for fighting corruption, breaking the wings of corrupt people in Nigeria, and is set to take Nigeria to the next level. She also alleged that the insecurity that Nigeria is facing, poor economy and hunger started in the days of the PDP Government.

“Because corruption was the order of the day, why is it that some of their stalwarts cannot go to America? Why is it that some of them cannot keep their money in the banks? They end up keeping it inside soak-away, water reservoirs in their houses.

“Any right thinking Nigerian should know that APC is the truth, the light, and has the right way of salvaging Nigeria out of the mess PDP has plunged us into, and APC will win the 2019 election, by the grace of God,” Naomi Awak noted.

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