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Corruption: religious leaders advocate for death penalty, others

By Achadu Gabriel, Kaduna

Muslim and Christian leaders are making probing contributions and suggestions on ways to curb corruption in Nigeria, especially among children.

While many suggested inculcating religious studies in the nation’s curriculum vitae and make it compulsory for students at all levels of education, others suggested family religious discipline, upbringing with fear of God in children, as well as death penalty for political leaders.

These suggestions were made during ‘Presentation of Document, Christian, Islamic perspective, questions and answers and contributions’ by participants. The contributions were made towards the proposed document on corruption framework being proposed by followers of both religious bodies to reduce increasing corruption and inculcate anti-corruption in the upcoming children.

During his contributions, secretary of Christian Association of Nigeria, CAN, Kaduna, Rev. Sunday Ibrahim, advocated for death penalty for corrupt leaders. Apart from compulsory religious teaching in schools and children, Rev. Ibrahim opined that aside from death penalty, properties of the leader convicted of corruption by court of competent jurisdiction should also have properties confiscated.

The contributions were made in Kaduna on Monday during a two-day validation workshop on faith-based pedagogy on the fight against corruption, organised by Interfaith Mediation Centre, IMC, based on presentations towards a final copy of the proposed document on corruption.

Also in an interview, the CEO, IMC, Imam Mohammed Ashafa also supported the death penalty with modifications. According to him, offenses differ in terms of what he described as ‘quantum,’ adding that someone, who steals N500 and the one with N500 billion cannot be subjected to the same punishment.

He also stated the the Islamic approach recognized and has its own way of punishment for corrupt person, stressing that categorizing punishment is key to avoid the “Using arc hammer to kill Cockroach.”

Sponsored by MacArthur Foundation, the workshop had in attendance Pastors and Imams from various Christian and Islamic religious bodies, including the media, academia, male and female, brainstorming together for hours on ways to tackle and reduce the menace called corruption in Nigerian society.

Titled: “development of faith-based pedagogy on the fight against corruption,” the session will continue and finalize on Tuesday at IMC office at Junction Road in Kaduna.


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