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Governor Lalong to create more chiefdoms in Plateau

…Confers First-class Staff of Office on Atar Aten of Ganawuri

By Christiana Gokyo, Jos

PLATEAU STATE – Governor Simon Lalong of Plateau State has reiterated his interest in the creation of more chiefdom and the recognition of traditional institutions, which is geared towards giving communities in the state a pride of place, based on the uniqueness of their ethnic identities that has been the foundation upon which they built their orientation for community life.

He said, “Traditional institution is not old-fashioned, but great custodian of our heritage and values. In modern times, it is further expected to promote greater national, social, political, and economic developments.”

He was speaking during the installation ceremony and presentation of First-class Staff of Office of his Royal Highness, Yakubu Chaimang, of Atar Aten of Ganawuri Chiefdom in Riyom local government area of the state.

The governor also affirmed that, the significance of the exercise of restoring, upgrading and creating new traditional stools and chiefdoms is for development and peaceful co-existence.

He charged Yakubu Chaimang to remember that he is the custodian of culture, history and moral or religious values, which are essential ingredients of building unity and harmony, “given our varied dialects and tribes on the Plateau.

“You must play great role in mobilization of your subjects, especially the youth, in commerce, agriculture and community development,” he urged

The governor called on his Royal Highness, Yakubu Chaimang, to play the role of a strategic and effective mediator in Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR), particularly on land and boundary issues, in concert with their Council of Elders.

“You are, therefore, expected to be proactive in monitoring events and should be able to pre-empt violent attacks, communal clashes, and criminal tendencies, amongst other vices,” he urged.

Barr. Lalong urged the traditional ruler to play critical role in community policing, since they know their terrains and virtually every member of the community, and urged him to uphold truth and give advice on varied matters as security officers of his domains.

He cautioned that, with the recognition and empowerment accorded the traditional ruler, government will hold him responsible for failure to exhibit duty-of-care to his subjects and the society in general.

He assured that, government on its part will continue to ensure that conducive environment is provided across the state for sustainable service delivery as well as protection of lives and property of its teeming populace.

The governor explained that the Aten Nation cannot be an exception, and it is in recognition of this that government approved the award of the reconstruction of Tahoss–Ganawuri Road and the spur to Koronfang and Dahreng.

“We are also funding the drilling of boreholes, water supply and sanitary works within Riyom Local Government and Ganawuri is a beneficiary,” he said, and revealed that the state government is currently liaising with the federal government for the construction and maintenance of federal roads in the state, including the Vom–Ganawuri–Manchok Road that passes through the community.

“I am also aware of the problems the community is facing with the supply of electricity for over two years, due to lack of connection to the National Grid, as your only source of supply is from NESCO,” he noted.

He assured that, the Ministry of Water Resources and Energy will come up with the assessment and cost estimate for connection of Ganawuri to the 33KVA National Grid through Miango.

According to him, he hoped that these new creations, restoration and re-grading across the state, which is a continuous process, will bring greater confidence and assurance to the citizenry of a collective resolve to remain united and pursue common development goals in the state.

Governor Lalong solicited their continuous loyalty and supports to enable government continue serving them better, and called on all and sundry to cooperate and support His Royal Highness in his usual bid for purposeful leadership and direction, “to engender peace and harmony in your domain, while we submit to God our prayers for strength, good health and wisdom that will enable you succeed in the task ahead.”


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